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The Ginzugroomer with Tracksetter

The standard setter for snowmobile grooming implements! The Ginzu is a proven groomer that gives you excellent corduroy and snow conditions with a wide variety of snow types. Two rows of cutting knives, adjustable from the operators seat, cut through old, hard snow or work new snow. The new lighter and shorter Ginzugroomer frame is now constructed of heavy wall aluminum making the Ginzu lighter and easy to handle. All steel parts are powder coated for durability. The hitch height is adjustable and the weight racks are standard and accept up to 200 lbs. of additional weight. The compactor section is a heavy rubber mat that is almost indestructible and UV resistant. The 2 rows of bolt on comb are easily replaceable. The wide, soft flaps are weighted for skier friendly curved sidewalls or perfect overlaps of double pass grooming. Ginzugroomer’s can work for your ski area today and are available in 60”, 84”, or 108” widths as measured from end of flap to end of flap. Ginzugroomers come standard with electric actuator for cutting depth, the tracksetter attachment is optional.

Ginzugroomer Tracksetter

The tracksetter is run from the snowmobile with an electric actuator, with fingertip raising and lowering just like a snow cat, simply operate a toggle switch and no tracks are set on your downhill trail sections! The down pressure is adjustable up to 250 lbs to accommodate various snow conditions giving precise, even track molding every time.

The tracksetter base is formed from a single 3/8” thick thermo-formed HDPE sheet, with a laser cut aluminum top plate. The base is very slick for no icing and the combination of aluminum skin and plastic base is 30% lighter than the previous model.

Maintenance is cut to almost zero as paint is eliminated. The precutters are double edged stainless steel with serrated side wings and the track molds are made of 1 1⁄4” HDPE.

Enjoy accurate, precise tracking in curves with cushioned rubber stops that allow the tracksetter to trail then re-center when raised. When mounted on the Ginzu Groomer, this superior tracksetter can be configured to set tracks to either side of the trail or in the middle...or even joined with a second tracksetter to set dual tracks.

Roller / Compactor

The YTS HDPE Roller Compactor is built for fast preparation of ski trails regardless of new snow depth. While some other compactors will work only in small snow accumulations, the combination of roller and finisher in one unit compacts and finishes snow in one pass. The Roller material is high-density polyethylene, one of the toughest, slickest materials available today. The polyurethane finisher is pressed firmly onto the snow with two gas springs. The finisher lifts up and is automatically held in the correct position for backing up. The frame is well constructed to protect all moving parts. A tracksetter can be attached to the rear crossbar to compact, finish and set track in one pass. What better way to quickly get your trails in shape after a snowfall and the skiers are headed for your trails? Easy to pull, this rugged roller/compactor will be one of those tools you won’t think twice about... but at the end of the season you’ll realize how valuable it really is! Technical specifications: Roller width: 66", Compactor Width: 72", Overall Length with Drawbar: 96", Roller Diameter: 28", Width with Edge Finishers: 78", Weight: 275#

Compaction Drag

Smooth, level trails are most important for good glide and quality tracks. The Compaction Drag quickly levels fresh snow or old worn surfaces. Multiple shear blades, adjustable for the correct amount of cut, move snow inside the drag, effectively mixing in new snow, making an exceptionally smooth, level surface. As the snow is moved down and across the trail, it quickly fills in any holes and levels moguls. In hard conditions, the cutting blades aggressively granulate the hard top surface and redistribute the granules resulting in a flat, smooth surface removing all trace of yesterday’s tracks. The compaction pan, with urethane comb, provides a superb finish. The Compaction Drag is the essential tool for grooming with a snowmobile... quick, effective, and easy to use. Technical specifications: Width: 4'6", Length (without drawbar): 7"6", Weight: 250#


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